Sunday, 13 July 2008

HOT PICKS of the month


-SPECIAL recepie exclusively from W.K-
Introducing Pork Ribs stir-fried with Pepsi and Ketchup.
(this is a must try. it's really good and tasty. and it doesn't feels oily.)


Aldi's© ready-made creamy chicken pie. observe the creamy fillings.. wana get ur hands on this? go to Aldi© !


char-grilled chicken burger ordered by G.H. from The Goose™.
NICE and reasonably priced.


FISH and CHIPS from The Counting House™. simple.nice.refreshing.


From the fish market to the plate.. =) *wished i could get my hands on the crabbies*

pan-fried salmon garnished with ginger and garlic served with mash potatoes, salad and hand-made crispy honey pork sausage.


grilled chicken wings served with cauliflower. (the cauliflower is real good and fresh in UK)


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Saturday, 12 July 2008

food for the past 1st month (dinner)

stewed soy sauce chicken. looks kinda oily tho. (chick drumsticks) - dun understand why drumsticks in UK are so much cheaper. *shrugs.

simples dishes easily make a meal. golden brown potato wedges + luncheon meat (so-called square sausage in UK?) easy.unhealthy.full. =)

PASTA.. easy.healthy.filling.
as easy as 1,2,3.

a lil more sumptious than usual. + extra 2 pork balls. crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

throw everything + oil = FRIED RICE

GREENS and more greens..

MIXED vege. simple + healthy. good!

lettuce.. crunchy with aroma of garlics. and a touch of oyster sauce.

cabbage is much crunchier. so much better than those offered in Cameron Highlands. hmm..

HOT vege PICKS - brocolli. dipped in mushrooms and oyster sauce.

Let's jump to something more ORIENTAL~ bak kut teh.. ooo... something which i had in ages. didn't get the chance to have a last try before leaving for scotland. *regrets*

accompanying with lettuce soaked in bak kut teh soup. ~slurp.

Beijing noodles flavoured with soy sauce + pork balls.
so much better than food in beijing.
p.s. beijing food sucked.

tadaa~~ spot the difference.

fried pork strips. crispy. good. not as good as hakka style tho.

black pepper pork. best served with rice. perfect.. not spicy enough tho.

herbal chicken soup. good for the soul and mind. hmm..

Finally.. the long awaited indian crusine.. chicken CURRY~

the smell of curry with coconut oil jus pricked your salivary glands.

Chicken Rice! real rice boiled in chicken stock. with slight modification. sweet chicken curry as topping. and crunchy beansprouts. *dun need to miss chicken rice in Happy Garden.

Luckily W.K. get to get his hands on his favourite plate of sitr-fried onion chicken breast. chicken breast is a treasure here.

enough of chicken.. lets go to something more westerny and fishy~~~

cheese baked salmon wrapped in ham. HOT from the oven.

pan-fried fish. best served with white creamy mushroom sauce. thumbs up!

fish fingers served with mash potatoes, brocolli, carrots and baked beans. colourful and pretty. =)

LAST MENU: Pork chops. slightly charred to bring out the aroma. irresistible. ~drools :o~

PHOTOGRAPHY: special thanks to G.H. and W.K.

food for the past 1st month (lunch)

lunches were mostly quick, fast and easy.. cos we were desperately in need of food and running late for classes~ here's introducing our first hand made pita.. stuffed with ham, sausages, lettuce,onions and not to miss out chilli sauce!

pita and more pita. with a touch of scrambled eggs.

bread becomes our staple food. come to think of it, we're having bread ALMOST everyday. at least not for dinner.

medium, tall, short. 3 importantly useful quick easily spread sauces. apparently chili sauce uses the fastest- 3/4 of the total people in the unit is using. tomato sauce standing tall and high. the shortest.. hmm..

instant noodles with potato wedges, sausages and eggs? kind of wierd combi. lol.

self-made-garlic-bread + chicken soup. simplest meal ever. u gona go hungry after classes. T.T