Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Loh Mee


thick noodles
sliced pork
vege of choice
fish cake
2 eggs

oyster sauce
soy sauce
cornflour to adjust thickness
dark soy sauce for darkness (optional)
prawn shells or dried shrimp


Boil the water together with oyster sauce, soy sauce and prawn shells to get the seafood flavour out. Add pork and cook till it's cooked. Add cornflour and pass the slightly beaten eggs through a sieve to get the layer texture of eggs in the boiling soup. Add in thick noodles, fish cake, prawns and vege till evenly cooked. The Loh Mee is ready to serve.


FisH said...

i miss Lucky loh mee (T.T)

c h i y u a n said...

feel free to let me cook for u to eat if u wan.. ;)

Anonymous said...

this is nt my fav but is my BF fav...^-^